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Chicken Noodle Soup...

DON'T FEED THE REETARDS!!! they will only make a mess.... my sister was heating up her Chicken Noodle soup that Sister E and I made for our dinner. Mom came to pick me up from the E's and we brought some home. So anyway UG was heating some up and when the microwave beeped she got it out and was trying to hold her drink of water the chicken noodle soup and close the microwave with the bowl of soup... any SMART person would have realized that soup would have come SLOSHING out as the microwave door SLAMMED shut...the SHOCK on UG's face was HA-LARIOUS she looked at the microwave and the soup like it had just done something HORRIBLY sister is special she used to ride the WINDOW LICKER bus the end


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay this is probably the funniest thing my mom has ever done by accident HAHA I was doing my computer homework and had my computer book on my lap (its not a very light weight book) and my mom was asleep on the couch so peaceful and quiet. I accidentally dropped my book and my mom FREAKED out and kind of did this half sit up thing with her left arm fully extended and her hand in this ninja karate chop shape...IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING HAHAHAHA I couldn't stop laughing anyway THATS IT :D


My bus driver looks like BARF from the movie SPACEBALLS. It took me forever to figure out who he looked like and then when I finally realized I was like NO WAY hahaha it was so funny. I called my mom but she doesn't remember the movie as well as some of the people I know hahaha. So if you remember the movie then laugh with me haha if you don't know the movie and your thinking about getting it I would advise you to read the back of it first because it does have some bad language and some crude humor unfortunately. So yeah :D that's my bus funny for the day :D I have to go to the bathroom now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for coming Fleet Ford