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Daily Bus Funny 5/27/08

I AM REALLY TIRED TODAY okay. I missed my first bus and was late to my math class UGH!!! anyway so While I was on the bus I was sitting in a double seat by myself. Someone came and sat next to me. I kind of knew them but not really. I knew of them but not them very much. It was one of my friends ex boyfriend and I would talk to him on occasion when they were still going out. ANYWAY on to the funny part so like I said I was really tired this morning. Well I started doing the head whip thing on the bus HAHAA it was hilarious because I realize that I'm doing it and try to stop myself but it doesn't work as well as I would like it too. Anyway so this guy sat down next to me so I was determined to keep myself awake......that didn't work very well either haha I did my last MAJOR head whip where I SWARE I was about to fall out of the seat onto the floor with my head tucked between my legs HAHAHA IT WAS HORRIBLE he was like are you okay?? I said 'YEAH I'M REALLY TIR

Daily Bus Funny!!! 5/21/08

I'M ALRIGHT...I'm okay, really, No I'm okay. I'm sitting in the front of the bus again so I can see the weird people about to come in the door. I see this one lady who looks EXACTLY like Sandra Bullock like she could be a double or something (TWIN DRAGONS!!!! for those of you who know what that means) She was standing outside the bus waiting for the other people to get off. She took her first step onto King County Metro Transit Services and TOTALLY BIFFED IT!!!!!! her foot (that had a 3" heal on it) SLID out from under her as she HURLED all her books (like 2 books) AT the bus driver scaring him half to death and making EVERYONE at the front of the bus LOSE IT COMPLETELY. As she sat down the bus driver gave her her books back and asked if she was okay. She replied yes. He said "Don't worry about paying, it was good entertainment for all of us." HILARIOUS anyway that's the daily funny :D thanks for coming Fleet Ford

Daily Funny!!

Okay so a friend told me that I HAD to write my daily funny on my blog so that she could read it. so THIS IS FOR YOU (you know who you are) So I am going to start a couple days back with my funny.  On the way to BCC (Bellevue Community College) I ride the 245 bus ALL the way there.  That means that most days I have the same bus driver the WHOLE way there.  If not they change at the Overlake transit center.  Today (being a couple days ago) was one of those days.  I was sitting in the front because I wanted to be the FIRST off that thing they call public transit (ew) The bus drivers changed and one got on that I have seen before but never actually talked too.  So I'm sitting on the bus just riding along and I glance at this bus driver and she was wearing a hat, she had long hair and looked (I guess) kinda nice I didn't see her face but I assumed.  I started talking to her because I am such a nice guy and she turns to me and MUCH TO MY SUPRISE  it was a MAN!!!  HOLY CRAP I HAD NO

Sleeping in Class

Okay so first I am going to give a little bit of background to this sleeping in class post. I was sick on May 7th and I didn't get very much sleep the night before so I was really tired that day. I was in my math class at BCC and I fell asleep on my desk holding onto the other side of my desk with my head on my arm. When I take power naps I usually have dreams about random things because I hear things and then the thoughts go into my head and I dream about them. Before I put my head down I started falling asleep sitting up and doing my little (VIOLENT) head whip a couple times so I just thought I would lay down and pretend I was....doing something....I don't know what I was thinking. But anyway, so I fell asleep and started to have a dream that someone was mowing the lawn and I was laying on the lawn. The lawn mower started getting closer and closer and louder and louder till finally it was over me mowing RIGHT over my head. This (like any normal person) Scared the crap