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So as all of you may know I now have a job...working with clothes...and job EVER!!! anyway so I am at work one night and a really old lady comes up to me while I am working at the fitting rooms cleaning up and processing returns that we had...anyway so this lady comes up and shes really old she has a really high pitched voice and everything (like a 'who')...she has hair that's just sitting on the top of her head like she tied it there on purpose...anyway so she asks me where our bras were so I show here where they were and she asked me where the leopard print bras were, I (being the good associate that loves the customers...sometimes) proceeded to show her where they were...she was looking at one and she wanted to know how they were suppose to be washed...I read the label to her and it said 'with like colors'...(she was obviously joking around and having a good time with it) she was with one of her older girlfriends and they were giggling like little sc

Talking To The Gas Powered Objects...

Okay so some of you may know that I do talk to some of the gas powered objects that we use around the house. I talk to the weed eater, the lawn mower, the pressure washer and things like that. I talk to them only because they are the only things that really listen and understand me....HAHAHA anyway so I was talking to the pressure washer the other day while I was pressure washing EVERYTHING in sight for our family reunion and I was bare foot...bad I guess I must have said something wrong to the pressure washer because it bit REACHED out and GRABBED the side of my big toe on my left foot. It SLICED a chunk out of my toe, I looked at it, thought...'that kinda hurts hmm' 'OUCH!!!' so I bent down and squeezed my toe till I could see white and not blood (BLUUD) called my dad, sent out a MASS text to everyone saying the pressure washer bit me because I guess I said something wrong then came in and got on the computer with my best friend and showed him (yo

Chicken Noodle Soup...

DON'T FEED THE REETARDS!!! they will only make a mess.... my sister was heating up her Chicken Noodle soup that Sister E and I made for our dinner. Mom came to pick me up from the E's and we brought some home. So anyway UG was heating some up and when the microwave beeped she got it out and was trying to hold her drink of water the chicken noodle soup and close the microwave with the bowl of soup... any SMART person would have realized that soup would have come SLOSHING out as the microwave door SLAMMED shut...the SHOCK on UG's face was HA-LARIOUS she looked at the microwave and the soup like it had just done something HORRIBLY sister is special she used to ride the WINDOW LICKER bus the end


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay this is probably the funniest thing my mom has ever done by accident HAHA I was doing my computer homework and had my computer book on my lap (its not a very light weight book) and my mom was asleep on the couch so peaceful and quiet. I accidentally dropped my book and my mom FREAKED out and kind of did this half sit up thing with her left arm fully extended and her hand in this ninja karate chop shape...IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING HAHAHAHA I couldn't stop laughing anyway THATS IT :D


My bus driver looks like BARF from the movie SPACEBALLS. It took me forever to figure out who he looked like and then when I finally realized I was like NO WAY hahaha it was so funny. I called my mom but she doesn't remember the movie as well as some of the people I know hahaha. So if you remember the movie then laugh with me haha if you don't know the movie and your thinking about getting it I would advise you to read the back of it first because it does have some bad language and some crude humor unfortunately. So yeah :D that's my bus funny for the day :D I have to go to the bathroom now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for coming Fleet Ford

Daily Bus Funny 5/27/08

I AM REALLY TIRED TODAY okay. I missed my first bus and was late to my math class UGH!!! anyway so While I was on the bus I was sitting in a double seat by myself. Someone came and sat next to me. I kind of knew them but not really. I knew of them but not them very much. It was one of my friends ex boyfriend and I would talk to him on occasion when they were still going out. ANYWAY on to the funny part so like I said I was really tired this morning. Well I started doing the head whip thing on the bus HAHAA it was hilarious because I realize that I'm doing it and try to stop myself but it doesn't work as well as I would like it too. Anyway so this guy sat down next to me so I was determined to keep myself awake......that didn't work very well either haha I did my last MAJOR head whip where I SWARE I was about to fall out of the seat onto the floor with my head tucked between my legs HAHAHA IT WAS HORRIBLE he was like are you okay?? I said 'YEAH I'M REALLY TIR

Daily Bus Funny!!! 5/21/08

I'M ALRIGHT...I'm okay, really, No I'm okay. I'm sitting in the front of the bus again so I can see the weird people about to come in the door. I see this one lady who looks EXACTLY like Sandra Bullock like she could be a double or something (TWIN DRAGONS!!!! for those of you who know what that means) She was standing outside the bus waiting for the other people to get off. She took her first step onto King County Metro Transit Services and TOTALLY BIFFED IT!!!!!! her foot (that had a 3" heal on it) SLID out from under her as she HURLED all her books (like 2 books) AT the bus driver scaring him half to death and making EVERYONE at the front of the bus LOSE IT COMPLETELY. As she sat down the bus driver gave her her books back and asked if she was okay. She replied yes. He said "Don't worry about paying, it was good entertainment for all of us." HILARIOUS anyway that's the daily funny :D thanks for coming Fleet Ford

Daily Funny!!

Okay so a friend told me that I HAD to write my daily funny on my blog so that she could read it. so THIS IS FOR YOU (you know who you are) So I am going to start a couple days back with my funny.  On the way to BCC (Bellevue Community College) I ride the 245 bus ALL the way there.  That means that most days I have the same bus driver the WHOLE way there.  If not they change at the Overlake transit center.  Today (being a couple days ago) was one of those days.  I was sitting in the front because I wanted to be the FIRST off that thing they call public transit (ew) The bus drivers changed and one got on that I have seen before but never actually talked too.  So I'm sitting on the bus just riding along and I glance at this bus driver and she was wearing a hat, she had long hair and looked (I guess) kinda nice I didn't see her face but I assumed.  I started talking to her because I am such a nice guy and she turns to me and MUCH TO MY SUPRISE  it was a MAN!!!  HOLY CRAP I HAD NO

Sleeping in Class

Okay so first I am going to give a little bit of background to this sleeping in class post. I was sick on May 7th and I didn't get very much sleep the night before so I was really tired that day. I was in my math class at BCC and I fell asleep on my desk holding onto the other side of my desk with my head on my arm. When I take power naps I usually have dreams about random things because I hear things and then the thoughts go into my head and I dream about them. Before I put my head down I started falling asleep sitting up and doing my little (VIOLENT) head whip a couple times so I just thought I would lay down and pretend I was....doing something....I don't know what I was thinking. But anyway, so I fell asleep and started to have a dream that someone was mowing the lawn and I was laying on the lawn. The lawn mower started getting closer and closer and louder and louder till finally it was over me mowing RIGHT over my head. This (like any normal person) Scared the crap

Eagle Award

So after much deliberation from the Scout office and after begging and pleading with them to let me pass all my requirements, I will be an Eagle Scout. JK JK I didn't have to beg them or anything. In the past week or so I have been doing some intense Merit Badge requirements and trying to get them all done so I can get my Eagle. I got a whopping 9 merit badges done. HAHA I know all of you have been trying to get me to finish them for YEARS now but I want you all to know that I really appreciate your support on this and in getting my Merit Badges and Eagle Project done so I am able to get my Eagle. My sister (J Jay[sorry for the retarded name and you know who you are] I'm not very creative) anyway she is an amazing person she would call me all the time and badgeR me to get my badgeS done (I thought it was funny, was it funny, I cant tell.) Thank You you know who you are. And if you have any questions for me LET ME KNOW and I will be sure to answer them for you. :D Thanks

3 Down 3 To Go

So today I went up to Bothell to get my 3 merit badges signed off (Cycling, Personal management, Family Life) Those are the last of the required merit badges I need to get my Eagle. I still have 3 Merit Badges that I am RAPIDLY running out of time for. But I will get them done and even if I have to DRAG the scout master to the scout office in Seattle to get him there be it. I need to finish my Electricity MB and my Leatherworking MB and my Traffic Safety MB then I will be FREE from the nagging parents about my eagle project. THEN I just need to get my senior project completed and presented before the end of May rolls around. (I think the end of may I'm not completly sure about it though Don't Quote me on that one) anyway THANK YOU ALL for your help and I will try my best not to let you down. :D Fleet Ford

My Birthday!!

Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick. is all I can say. I'm going to be 18 and considered an adult in about 15 days (14 if you don't count today) I'm getting older and wiser (I wish the wiser part was true) I still need to get my eagle project done and get all my merit badges done and get a board of review and get my duty to god and get this and get that and do this and do that........... *PAUSE* so I'm really excited that I'm turning 18 but I kind of don't like all the things that I have to do before I can turn 18. I kind of procrastinated all of the things that are listed and I know that everyone I know has been telling me that I need to do this now and I need to do that now and just get it done with. WELL I'M SORRY but I was a stupid boy/teenager and didn't get those things done like I should have and no I'm realizing that I should have gotten them done WAY earlier in my life so I don't have to cram them in right now. ANYWAY If you are one of the on

You didn't?!?!

I went to my girlfriends house last night (well yesterday I went three times and this was the second time) I was going to get my sister from work and decided that I was going to be early so I thought since its on the way I would stop and say Hi. I called and asked what she was doing and asked if I could stop by for a little before I went to get my sister. I got to her house and we sat on the pourch for a while and hung out and talked and everything. I wanted to see the project that she was working on because I wanted to make fun of it haha. So we went inside and she showed me the draft that she had been working on for a couple hours that day. I said it looked cool and then I wanted to show her a couple funny videos that I knew of that I thought she would think were funny. I showed her and she was really tired and slap happy so she was laughing at some of the things. She was some how reminded that she had something for me from her trip to Idaho. She ran into her room it wasnt i

50 Miles

WHO WOULD THINK THAT 50 MILES WOULD BE AN EASY TASK. Now 50 miles in a car. Not that hard but on a bike let me just tell you HOLY CRAP it hurt. On Thursday I went with my sisters best friends husband who is a HUGE bike rider and is CRAZY HILARIOUS. He was so funny calling me and said so you have to do a bike ride for a merit badge or something (making it sound so easy.) I said yeah that's what I have to do 50 miles. We scheduled it so that he could come ride it with me. He came down when I got home from school. He came inside and gave me a bunch of stuff to wear. No if you know me I don't usually wear spandex shorts that are really short so you can see my knees because I have very white legs and need to wear shorts more BADLY but its kind of hard to get tan in WASHINGTON. Anyway so he told me not to wear underwear under these shorts things because if I did then it would chafe. Well me not wanting to go without underwear wore mine. (he doesn't know this but I thoug


So my sister is obsessed with calling me Sally now. It all started when I was in my moms bathroom brushing my teeth. We were all sharing a bathroom at this point in the construction and we all had to bursh our teeth in the same sink. I was brushing my teeth and my sister walks in and says "MOVE IT OR LOSE IT SISTER!!" I turned around and was like, Excuse me?? hahaha and then she started calling me SALLY!! so if you are ever around us and you hear that name and want to know more about the story ask her and she will give you the full run down .


So today was Sunday. I went over to a friends house to hang out for a while. We were sitting there and his little sister that just got her wisdom teeth taken out and who is bed riden was making hats with yarn and things. She offered to show me how to do it. I got a ring and hook and started making my own little hat and it is starting to turn out good and I need to go finish it. but its really cool. So thats my story for today and I will keep you posted on the progress. Fleet Ford Thanks for coming.

Longest Snore EVER!!!

So we as a family usually read scriptures in the morning at 6:00 well today (3-28-2008) We didn't and I went to seminary and school because noone wanted to get up so early to read scriptures and everything and we knew that we would all be getting together later that day. Anyway so I go downstairs when I get home from school because we are going to read scriptures now and I had to get my sister out of bed. If you know my sister you have to say her name like 30 times before she actually wakes up and knows that your there. You have to get a real word out of here before you try to make contact with any of her brain cells. So I went down and said her name like 10 times then I went to the side of her bed and said it ONE more time. Followed by the ONE MORE TIME I get this, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that just lasted forever and I thought she was

Something to Blog about

I don't really know what I should blog about.  GIVE ME IDEAS (molly, Kiley...anyone come on please) hahahaha  Thanks for coming Fleet Ford

A Girl I know

So I am friends with this girl that hates EVERYONE basically.  She hates my good friend and his girlfriend.  She doesn't like us because of something that happened FOREVER ago in like 8th grade.  Well now it's turning around to bite her in the butt.  She's kind of a hoochie now.  I say this because she broke up with her boyfriend, is still making out with him, AND two other guys.  None of the three guys know about each other and she just keeps making out with them behind each others backs.  She is going on with this guy that told her that he didn't want anyone to know that they were making out because he has a GIRLFRIEND!!!  This was given to me by a VERY reliable source.  That is all I will say on this subject.  DONT YOU JUST LOVE HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA I can't wait till I'm out.  YAY!! Fleet Ford


BCC grades came out today.  I was sitting at the computer wondering if I should go look at them or not.  Contemplating weather I should check or just e-mail Amy at BCC and ask her not to send my parents a letter telling them that I didn't pass if I didn't.  I finally got the courage up to look at my grades.  I logged in to MyBcc and was scared.  I got to the main page and all I saw in the grade slots were '*' I FREAKED out.  Then I realized that that was for spring and I just got done with Winter quarter.  I changed the schedule to Winter quarter and the grades read:  Art Appreciation   Art 105------ B- Math Assessment (not important) English (online class) ----- No grade yet American Political Science (history class) ---------- B- YAY needless to say I PASSED YAY I'm SO happy that I passed I immediately came out to the computer and said "Dad do you want to come look at my grades for winter quarter" he said Sure.  I showed him and we both were SO happy (


Today was Easter Sunday at the Rose Hill ward Sacrament meeting. My mom sang a beautiful song titled "The Man With Many Names". And as you may know if you know my mother when ever we (her children or husband) hear her sing we always get really Emotional. My sisters would always cry when my mom sang because it is so beautiful. I never really got why they would cry because it just sounded like singing to me and it was no big deal. Well today when she was singing I was sitting with the Elison family because there was no room on my familys bench. My mom went up to sing and immediatly I felt the spirit RUSH over me and I almost started to cry when I saw her standing at the podeum. She started singing and that is when I lost it. It was amazing when she was singing. She has a Beautiful voice and I always love hearing her use it. (except when shes yelling at me) but still it is beautiful. She is singing tonight at the fireside at the stake center the same song. I cant wait


okay so I know that I havent been writing like I said I would I just have been so busy with EVERYTHING that I don't have all that time do write here. I promise that I will write on it tomorrow when I get home from church because then I will have something to write about with all the funny things going on. Anyway I'm watching Meet the Robinsons right now so Thanks for stopping by Fleet Ford


Today I am trying to stay away from my parents at all costs.  I have to do a lot of Merit Badges and work some how on my Eagle Project.  Other then that I'm free to do whatever.  Anyway this one is going to be cut REALLY short because I don't have the time to write anything of importance.  So yeah Talk to you all later :D I might have a story for later tonight but I don't know. Fleet Ford


So, Today is an Interesting day. I got home from my Chemistry class and peat and repeat were already here. (peat and repeat are the two guys that are working on the bathrooms in our house, we named them peat and repeat because the one guy who actually knows what hes talking about (Mike) says whats up and knows what hes saying and mr. repeat (Jason) has to say whatever Mike says and its hilarious) One of the funny stories about them is Mike was telling me and Mom what kind of coffee he likes and what he puts in his coffee and were standing in the doorway of the bathroom and hes telling us and Jason comes up behind Mom and me and is standing there and Mike says in his coffee he puts half cream and RIGHT after he said that Jason (aka Repeat) says without missing a beat "Half Cream" I turn around and am thinking 'wow this guy really just said that didn't he' *looks at mom trys not to laugh HISTERCAILLY* mom and I IMMEDIATLY walk up the stairs as fast as our legs will

My Best Friend

Okay let me first start out by explaining my best friend do everyone. I have a lot of really good friends but I have only 1 best friend. A lot of my friends are awesome and I do love them all. But when it comes to my Best Friend there is only 1. His name is Devon Gregory Rich. Let me tell you about Devon. I have known Devon since I was a little boy and I hated him SO much because he used to be SO annoying and I just couldn't stand him. As we grew older he didn't annoy me as much he actually started to annoy Brandt more haha which is funny because he and Brandt were really good friends when we were young. So we grew up and became better friends and better friends. We started to do everything together. We would ride bikes together we would play ball together we would get our air soft guns out and shoot things together. We were inseparable. I would always go down to their house on Friday nights and we would have pizza movie night where we would go to Papa Murphys over by Fred Mey

My Girlfriend

Okay so all my sisters post things daily so I thought I would post one for today. Even thought today has just started I don't really care. Anyway, I go to school at LW at 8:00 in the morning and am done by around 9:00 on most days. I (personally) Don't like that school at all they have screwed up with the schedules soo much that its so hard to keep track of who is going where and when. I was really excited to go to that school when I was in Elementary and Junior high and my Sisters would take me there all the time and it was sooo much fun. I would walk down the halls which looked SO BIG at the time and I would play with my sisters and sometimes even get lost. But now I am going to BCC (Bellevue Community College) also so when I started at BCC it all looked BIG to me but now that I have been going there for 2 years now its not so big anymore. I am now a senior in high school and am moving on. I have a girlfriend and her name is Lyndsey Cecelia Burke and she is AMAZING. I love h

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New Blogger

HEY!!! So I was told about this Blog stuff and I though it would be kinda cool if I had one to see what its like. I hear its different then Myspace and Myspace is kinda stupid now. Its also kinda like Facebook I guess so I'll try it out :D Thanks for Stoppin' by Fleet Ford