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So today was Sunday. I went over to a friends house to hang out for a while. We were sitting there and his little sister that just got her wisdom teeth taken out and who is bed riden was making hats with yarn and things. She offered to show me how to do it. I got a ring and hook and started making my own little hat and it is starting to turn out good and I need to go finish it. but its really cool. So thats my story for today and I will keep you posted on the progress. Fleet Ford Thanks for coming.

Longest Snore EVER!!!

So we as a family usually read scriptures in the morning at 6:00 well today (3-28-2008) We didn't and I went to seminary and school because noone wanted to get up so early to read scriptures and everything and we knew that we would all be getting together later that day. Anyway so I go downstairs when I get home from school because we are going to read scriptures now and I had to get my sister out of bed. If you know my sister you have to say her name like 30 times before she actually wakes up and knows that your there. You have to get a real word out of here before you try to make contact with any of her brain cells. So I went down and said her name like 10 times then I went to the side of her bed and said it ONE more time. Followed by the ONE MORE TIME I get this, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that just lasted forever and I thought she was

Something to Blog about

I don't really know what I should blog about.  GIVE ME IDEAS (molly, Kiley...anyone come on please) hahahaha  Thanks for coming Fleet Ford

A Girl I know

So I am friends with this girl that hates EVERYONE basically.  She hates my good friend and his girlfriend.  She doesn't like us because of something that happened FOREVER ago in like 8th grade.  Well now it's turning around to bite her in the butt.  She's kind of a hoochie now.  I say this because she broke up with her boyfriend, is still making out with him, AND two other guys.  None of the three guys know about each other and she just keeps making out with them behind each others backs.  She is going on with this guy that told her that he didn't want anyone to know that they were making out because he has a GIRLFRIEND!!!  This was given to me by a VERY reliable source.  That is all I will say on this subject.  DONT YOU JUST LOVE HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA I can't wait till I'm out.  YAY!! Fleet Ford


BCC grades came out today.  I was sitting at the computer wondering if I should go look at them or not.  Contemplating weather I should check or just e-mail Amy at BCC and ask her not to send my parents a letter telling them that I didn't pass if I didn't.  I finally got the courage up to look at my grades.  I logged in to MyBcc and was scared.  I got to the main page and all I saw in the grade slots were '*' I FREAKED out.  Then I realized that that was for spring and I just got done with Winter quarter.  I changed the schedule to Winter quarter and the grades read:  Art Appreciation   Art 105------ B- Math Assessment (not important) English (online class) ----- No grade yet American Political Science (history class) ---------- B- YAY needless to say I PASSED YAY I'm SO happy that I passed I immediately came out to the computer and said "Dad do you want to come look at my grades for winter quarter" he said Sure.  I showed him and we both were SO happy (


Today was Easter Sunday at the Rose Hill ward Sacrament meeting. My mom sang a beautiful song titled "The Man With Many Names". And as you may know if you know my mother when ever we (her children or husband) hear her sing we always get really Emotional. My sisters would always cry when my mom sang because it is so beautiful. I never really got why they would cry because it just sounded like singing to me and it was no big deal. Well today when she was singing I was sitting with the Elison family because there was no room on my familys bench. My mom went up to sing and immediatly I felt the spirit RUSH over me and I almost started to cry when I saw her standing at the podeum. She started singing and that is when I lost it. It was amazing when she was singing. She has a Beautiful voice and I always love hearing her use it. (except when shes yelling at me) but still it is beautiful. She is singing tonight at the fireside at the stake center the same song. I cant wait


okay so I know that I havent been writing like I said I would I just have been so busy with EVERYTHING that I don't have all that time do write here. I promise that I will write on it tomorrow when I get home from church because then I will have something to write about with all the funny things going on. Anyway I'm watching Meet the Robinsons right now so Thanks for stopping by Fleet Ford


Today I am trying to stay away from my parents at all costs.  I have to do a lot of Merit Badges and work some how on my Eagle Project.  Other then that I'm free to do whatever.  Anyway this one is going to be cut REALLY short because I don't have the time to write anything of importance.  So yeah Talk to you all later :D I might have a story for later tonight but I don't know. Fleet Ford


So, Today is an Interesting day. I got home from my Chemistry class and peat and repeat were already here. (peat and repeat are the two guys that are working on the bathrooms in our house, we named them peat and repeat because the one guy who actually knows what hes talking about (Mike) says whats up and knows what hes saying and mr. repeat (Jason) has to say whatever Mike says and its hilarious) One of the funny stories about them is Mike was telling me and Mom what kind of coffee he likes and what he puts in his coffee and were standing in the doorway of the bathroom and hes telling us and Jason comes up behind Mom and me and is standing there and Mike says in his coffee he puts half cream and RIGHT after he said that Jason (aka Repeat) says without missing a beat "Half Cream" I turn around and am thinking 'wow this guy really just said that didn't he' *looks at mom trys not to laugh HISTERCAILLY* mom and I IMMEDIATLY walk up the stairs as fast as our legs will

My Best Friend

Okay let me first start out by explaining my best friend do everyone. I have a lot of really good friends but I have only 1 best friend. A lot of my friends are awesome and I do love them all. But when it comes to my Best Friend there is only 1. His name is Devon Gregory Rich. Let me tell you about Devon. I have known Devon since I was a little boy and I hated him SO much because he used to be SO annoying and I just couldn't stand him. As we grew older he didn't annoy me as much he actually started to annoy Brandt more haha which is funny because he and Brandt were really good friends when we were young. So we grew up and became better friends and better friends. We started to do everything together. We would ride bikes together we would play ball together we would get our air soft guns out and shoot things together. We were inseparable. I would always go down to their house on Friday nights and we would have pizza movie night where we would go to Papa Murphys over by Fred Mey

My Girlfriend

Okay so all my sisters post things daily so I thought I would post one for today. Even thought today has just started I don't really care. Anyway, I go to school at LW at 8:00 in the morning and am done by around 9:00 on most days. I (personally) Don't like that school at all they have screwed up with the schedules soo much that its so hard to keep track of who is going where and when. I was really excited to go to that school when I was in Elementary and Junior high and my Sisters would take me there all the time and it was sooo much fun. I would walk down the halls which looked SO BIG at the time and I would play with my sisters and sometimes even get lost. But now I am going to BCC (Bellevue Community College) also so when I started at BCC it all looked BIG to me but now that I have been going there for 2 years now its not so big anymore. I am now a senior in high school and am moving on. I have a girlfriend and her name is Lyndsey Cecelia Burke and she is AMAZING. I love h

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New Blogger

HEY!!! So I was told about this Blog stuff and I though it would be kinda cool if I had one to see what its like. I hear its different then Myspace and Myspace is kinda stupid now. Its also kinda like Facebook I guess so I'll try it out :D Thanks for Stoppin' by Fleet Ford