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Talking To The Gas Powered Objects...

Okay so some of you may know that I do talk to some of the gas powered objects that we use around the house. I talk to the weed eater, the lawn mower, the pressure washer and things like that. I talk to them only because they are the only things that really listen and understand me....HAHAHA anyway so I was talking to the pressure washer the other day while I was pressure washing EVERYTHING in sight for our family reunion and I was bare foot...bad I guess I must have said something wrong to the pressure washer because it bit REACHED out and GRABBED the side of my big toe on my left foot. It SLICED a chunk out of my toe, I looked at it, thought...'that kinda hurts hmm' 'OUCH!!!' so I bent down and squeezed my toe till I could see white and not blood (BLUUD) called my dad, sent out a MASS text to everyone saying the pressure washer bit me because I guess I said something wrong then came in and got on the computer with my best friend and showed him (yo