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I went tanning...yes it was me...but I did it helps my skin yes I know that its bad for me but still I love it and I look and feel so much better after I do it...I also was watching 'What Not To Wear' today at a friends house and it is the best show ever I love it...I REALLY want to be on that show because I want the $5,000 to spend on a whole new wardrobe I really need to get rid of some of my jeans because besides what I wear to work I wear jeans I really need to get some new clothing but I think it would be kinda pointless now because I am going on my mission for 2 years and I wont be able to wear most of the clothes I would buy while I'm on my mission...anyway that's the randomness that I have had today... :D thanks for comin Fleet Ford

The Fat Face Man

i have a fat face.......I got my wisdom teeth out Thursday morning (feb. 19, 2009) I'll tell you all about it. I went into the office and the doctor came in had me fill out a couple papers...took me in to the back room told me they were going to give me a "Chill Pill" which would help me relax....I thought this "Chill Pill" was going to put me OUT, much to my dismay it did not...I didnt even get to take it with much does that suck...anyway she told me to keep it under my tongue where it would disolve and "Chill" me...I dont follow directions very well so I instead swooshed water under my tongue which flipped the pill on top my tongue...I now know why they told me to keep it under my tongue EWW!!! Anyway I was texting my friends while I had this dicgusting little white turd under my tongue telling them all about how sick it was and how nervous I was to get this operation done....I was all nervous for the IV (BOY WAS I WORRIED ABOUT THE WRO