I went tanning...yes it was me...but I did it anyway...it helps my skin yes I know that its bad for me but still I love it and I look and feel so much better after I do it...I also was watching 'What Not To Wear' today at a friends house and it is the best show ever I love it...I REALLY want to be on that show because I want the $5,000 to spend on a whole new wardrobe I really need to get rid of some of my jeans because besides what I wear to work I wear jeans I really need to get some new clothing but I think it would be kinda pointless now because I am going on my mission for 2 years and I wont be able to wear most of the clothes I would buy while I'm on my mission...anyway that's the randomness that I have had today... :D thanks for comin

Fleet Ford


Leah Z said…
Fleet, did I tell you I saw Clinton in the subway once? Next time I'm home remind me to tell you my story about him. It's moderately exciting.

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