The Fat Face Man

i have a fat face.......I got my wisdom teeth out Thursday morning (feb. 19, 2009) I'll tell you all about it.

I went into the office and the doctor came in had me fill out a couple papers...took me in to the back room told me they were going to give me a "Chill Pill" which would help me relax....I thought this "Chill Pill" was going to put me OUT, much to my dismay it did not...I didnt even get to take it with much does that suck...anyway she told me to keep it under my tongue where it would disolve and "Chill" me...I dont follow directions very well so I instead swooshed water under my tongue which flipped the pill on top my tongue...I now know why they told me to keep it under my tongue EWW!!!

Anyway I was texting my friends while I had this dicgusting little white turd under my tongue telling them all about how sick it was and how nervous I was to get this operation done....I was all nervous for the IV (BOY WAS I WORRIED ABOUT THE WRONG THING)

So I get done texting and listening to my IPod and they take me into the operating room where they put the "HAPPY GAS" mask on my face with a little shower cap type thing and they shoved things up my nose...sick...anyway they told me to take deep breaths in and out through my nose...I did so...DEEEEEEEEEPLYYYY it was amazing.....he told me that I was going to feel something cold on my arm and I did...IT WAS FREEZING!!! he STUCK the needle in my arm and said the IV was done...taped it to my arm and we were OFF...well I was more like OUT for the next 45 min...which was weird because I don't even remember falling asleep...anyway so I woke up and the nurse that was in there with me was telling my mom how I was texting while I was in the operating chair...she said I was texting my friend that lived in I could be texting Muffin I will never know, he doesn't have texting. So apparently I went into the recovery room and laid down for a little while (keep in mind I don't remember going to the recovery room) The next thing I remember was walking to the car telling the doctors Thank You (i should have said what was really on my mind and said "YOU ALL ARE A BUNCH OF DANGRS!!!! THANKS A LOT") I got in the car and we came home...I came inside and felt FINE!!!

I was a little numb but it wasn't very bad...I took some pills and felt even better...

remember in the beginning how I said the IV was something I was worried about...yeah you should see my face right NOW!!! I HAVE A FAT FACE....that's what I should have been worried about....but thankfully I have had a good Dose of Vicoden in me when I start hair is too long and it looks gross...I haven't shaved in 3 days which makes me look like a mountain man ew...but the one thing that I'm really thankful for is that I have friends that will come hang out with me...make fun of me and then still be my friend even though I look disgusting....

all in all I have had a very fun experience with the whole wisdom being YANKED outa my face...

I just hope my face will go back to its normal size...HAHAHAHAHAHA

Fleet Ford


Leah Z said…
I hope you're going to post pictures!

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