So as all of you may know I now have a job...working with clothes...and shoes...best job EVER!!! anyway so I am at work one night and a really old lady comes up to me while I am working at the fitting rooms cleaning up and processing returns that we had...anyway so this lady comes up and shes really old she has a really high pitched voice and everything (like a 'who')...she has hair that's just sitting on the top of her head like she tied it there on purpose...anyway so she asks me where our bras were so I show here where they were and she asked me where the leopard print bras were, I (being the good associate that loves the customers...sometimes) proceeded to show her where they were...she was looking at one and she wanted to know how they were suppose to be washed...I read the label to her and it said 'with like colors'...(she was obviously joking around and having a good time with it) she was with one of her older girlfriends and they were giggling like little school girls...she went away to look at something that her girlfriend was looking at...they came walking by and saw me still at the fitting rooms and she asked me what 'like colors' would be, knowing that she was joking with me and being the youngest BOY with four older sisters thought it was only necessary to show her were the leopard print thongs were...I showed her and she thought it was the funniest thing ever...she (being the old lady that still thinks that thongs are 'Slut Attire') immediately said "no if I wanted my butt flossed I would have gone down to where the FLOSS is and use that".......ahh good times at work...STAY TUNED!!!



emily said…
too funny!
PS ... I just tagged you ... head on over and read all about me and then post one of your own!

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