Sleeping in Class

Okay so first I am going to give a little bit of background to this sleeping in class post. I was sick on May 7th and I didn't get very much sleep the night before so I was really tired that day. I was in my math class at BCC and I fell asleep on my desk holding onto the other side of my desk with my head on my arm. When I take power naps I usually have dreams about random things because I hear things and then the thoughts go into my head and I dream about them. Before I put my head down I started falling asleep sitting up and doing my little (VIOLENT) head whip a couple times so I just thought I would lay down and pretend I was....doing something....I don't know what I was thinking. But anyway, so I fell asleep and started to have a dream that someone was mowing the lawn and I was laying on the lawn. The lawn mower started getting closer and closer and louder and louder till finally it was over me mowing RIGHT over my head. This (like any normal person) Scared the crap outa me and I JUMPED (remember earlier I said I was holding onto the desk) yeah I pulled the desk UP and dropped it. my chair jerked and made a really loud sound. I looked up slowly and REALLY embarrassed to the girl in front of me looking at me. She said "HOLY CRAP!!!" and that is when I sent a MASS text to EVERYONE about what I had just done. I could NOT stop laughing it was hilarious. I was in tears I was laughing so hard. Anyway hope you had a good laugh :D thanks for coming.

Fleet Ford


kiley said…
this is hilarious!!
Jessica said…
I did laugh, thanks for sharing your funny moment!!

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